Staking dApp feedback

Here is a collection of feedback on from discord so it does not get missed.

  • Current Synth holding value in comparison to your own debt, currently one has to click back and forth from between tabs to compare, synths wallet value should probably be always visible in the left side panel or up top
  • Liquidation threshold
  • Burn lock time and warning
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Thanks, @rubberduck!

Mintr shows the amount of sUSD needed to fix your collateralization ratio. This is especially helpful when you have 0 sUSD in your wallet and you need to buy/transfer sUSD to fix the c-ratio. Iā€™d like to see this in the Staking dApp.


Support for 1366x768 resolution. Was a laptop standard 5-6 years ago, had some users ask me where is the epoch countdown as it cuts-off on this resolution and is not visible.

Got a metamask popup warning that our staking dapp uses a legacy web3 API: more here