SIP - Keeper function: Synthetix Futures keepers and liquidation

Keepers will play an important role in managing the Synthetix Futures system. The keepers will be incentivised to perform functions as required to maintain trader’s positions and fee reclamation settlement for these positions.


A Liquidation Fee is paid to keepers, from the trader’s maintenance margin, as a strong incentive to liquidate positions that have been liquidated. Synthetix futures positions that have gone below their liquidation price / maintenance margin would require keepers to liquidate them in a timely manner.

The keeper system wouldn’t be required to pay a reward to cover the cost of liquidating futures position.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

Each action that a keeper could perform will have a configurable amount of USD value / SNX / token rewards that are paid to cover gas costs and running a keeper system.

gas: currency/eth rate : 235.00 usd/eth

Action Est Gas Cost Gas Price $USD Cost $USD Reward

So it looks like futures keepers are simply just calling a function? Very interesting if so, will be pretty competitive. I’ll have to see the whole futures spec but @JacksonC could you go into a little detail why there wouldn’t be a need to replenish collateral? Am I understanding that right?