SIP - Keeper Function: Executing and Claiming Virtual Tokens

Virtual Tokens are a proposed mechanism for representing ownership of a synth exchange that is waiting for the fee relcamation to be settled and swapped.

Virtual tokens representing a claim on un-settled synths after an exchange would benefit from keepers executing them and claiming them for the end user.

This would improve the UX of users who trade with virtual tokens such that if they hold vDAI after exchanging from sETH -> sUSD -> vDAI, the keeper will execute the vDAI exchange after the fee relcamation waiting period into DAI directly.

For the user the UX of finalising the redemption of the vDAI into DAI would be seamless as it will be completed by keepers and the gas paid for them. The execution of the exchange would be happen after the oracle update waiting period is expired.

Configurable Values (Via SCCP)

gas: currency/eth rate : 235.00 usd/eth

Action Est Gas Cost Gas Price $USD Cost $USD Reward
1. Executing virtual Synth tokens TBA 35 gwei/gas TBA TBA

I don’t fully understand how vDAI play a role honestly, so what I understood is if I trade into a synth, let’s say sETH… Normally I can’t do anything with that token unless I settle… So from what I understood from here is that I would receive vETH instead of sETH, but that vETH would be converted to sETH on reclamation? I mean, having another keeper function that calls settle conflicts with this? Or is this related to the yet to be revealed futures SIP?