SIP - Add ZEC crypto Synth

Created this post as an alternative place to discuss this SIP instead of the Discord server if anyone feels to do so (first message about it can be found here: Discord)

Here is the SIP: Create by MaximilianR · Pull Request #377 · Synthetixio/SIPs · GitHub

If there is anything missing please let me know!

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Appending the liquidity summary here:

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Appending these for the call today:

Note that these are just from one snapshot of the order books (not averaged over time, because I would need a little more time to automate data collection for that), and I’ve not added the BNB, ETH, BUSD and USDC order books given their small sizes comparatively to the USDT and BTC ones.

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Thanks for the proposal Max. I believe adding Z-Cash to the Synthetix protocol could be mutually beneficial for both Synthetix and Ren communities. With the narrative of centralised exchanges delisting privacy coins, having a pool of renZEC & sZEC would allow people to bring their ZCash to Ethereum and trade without a central intermediary.

I support this proposal.