Question about Stake

Hi, I read in this email from the creator of SNX A little dash of hÖpΞm that 4 Airdrops will be held and project tokens will be distributed to SNX holders and stake holders. Attention question, can I stake a SNX token on the yearn finance platform and qualify for Airdrop? Also, why is the SNX staking updated every 7 days on the Synthetix platform? is it possible to somehow zasteykat and just forget?

Hey there. You would need to see the details of each of the projects to be certain about the airdrop criteria. I know that Thales is going to try and airdrop to yearn vault holders rather than to the yearn DAO (who will just sell no doubt). I hope they all follow suit in the same manner.

The weekly SNX staking epochs are to keep the re-collateral time checks in place. You can use alt services that does this for you e.g. yearn vault, xSNX