Allow stakers to burn any synth to fix their collateralization ratio

With expected periods of high volatility of the bull market, stakers must more actively manage their collateralization ratio through mints and burns to ensure they can claim each week at the highest rate. Because stakers assume risk through their exposure to the debt pool, they often convert their sUSD to other synths to beat the pool or stake to earn yield in other protocols (i.e. iETH staking plus ETH/sETH gauge staking).

Since sUSD is essentially the same thing as other synths from a debt pool snapshot perspective, stakers should be able to burn any synth to fix their collateralization ratio, without the need of an additional transaction or gas spend (which may not be an issue in a few days) to convert to sUSD before being able to burn.


Hi @dsacks, The protocol was designed and built to support this.

Unfortunately it had to be removed in SIP-29 SIP-29: Issue, burn and claim only in sUSD due to front minting and burning. essentially ability to front run price changes and reduce your debt more than others in the system.

So until front running of prices solution is implemented we wont be able to re add this support to the protocol.

So watch the front running protection threads and we can revisit this.


Sounds good - appreciate the response!