Addition of new crypto to futures conteact

Now a days even meme coins are gaining popularity.
Coins such as dodge, shiba inu. The dominance of bitcoin in futures pair is falling and will continue to fall. And new tokens /coins will be gaining attention in futures pair.

It will be nice if this coins are listed on snx platform
1) cream
2) dodge
3) shina inu
4) bao finance
5) knc
6) sxp
7) CHZ
8) sushi

And the collateral ratio which is 650% reduce it please. Rather than staking snx token to print susd give the people the option to stake use stable coins such as usdt etc and print susd.

When it comes to snx utility charge 1 snx as a fee per trade which is 10 dollar. If there are JUST100K active users so 100k snx will be collected fee per trade and burn half of such token and sell the rest in open market

This will ensure that snx utility which is from gonverance , debt pool is shifted to 10 dollar per trade paid in snx token only.

Debt pool which currently consist of snx and eth only shift it to us stable coin. As less collateral ration or enen zero ratio can be achieved.

This will ensure that people who use snx platform will get a higher return on their trade.