Accelerated governance and spartan council backstop

Following a discord discussion on a possible attack vector by a hostile Spartan Council, I’m drafting a SIP for our backlog, where we introduce a longer timelock during which the community can dilute the result of a Spartan Council proposal vote. The timelock in my draft is set to n, as this is a variable we need to still agree on. Given all the timezones, I think it needs to be at least 12 hours.

I’m supplementing this with my suggestion for an accelerated Votelock on proposals, where we can move through the entire proposal voting faster.

Pardon the language here, it’s very raw.

## Simple Summary

We are proposing accelerated SCCP proposal Votelocks, allowing the community to consider implementing the result of a proposal vote once all Council Member votes were cast instead of requiring the community to wait a full 48hour period.

This proposal further introduces a longer Timelock for SCCP proposals during which the community can review Spartan Council’s final votes for possible contention before the result of the vote is implemented.

## Abstract

We are proposing a Spartan Council Votelock on SCCP proposals, that either occurs once all Spartan Council members have cast a vote, or 48 hours have passed, whichever happens first.

This also SIP introduces a n hour Timelock for SCCP proposals during which the community can review Spartan Council’s locked votes for possible contention through dilution.

## Motivation

Existing implementation of governance can be too slow for certain SCCP proposals that may need a hasty implementation, where 48hours are currently required for Spartan Council votes to be finalized. This can be improved by introducing the ability to prematurely finalize votes (Votelock) once all Spartan Council members have voted.

To possibly prevent a harmful proposal from being implemented, the community can backstop the Spartan Council’s proposal by diluting their votes. To prevent an attack vector, whereby Council Members vote fast or wait for the last minute to cast their votes, a n hour Timelock period following a Votelock is proposed to be in place, during which the community can submit their dilution.

## Specification

### Overview

There are two major components of this proposal:

  1. Accelerated Votelock

  2. n hour Timelock

###### Accelerated Votelock

Spartan Council’s proposal votes are to be locked when either of the following occurs:

  1. 48 hours have passed from the time the proposal was put up for voting
  2. All Council Members have cast their vote

This is followed by a Timelock period.

###### n hour Timelock

Set Timelock period to hours, during which the community has the ability to dilute the locked votes.

The result of a vote is rejected if diluted below the required supermajority threshold.

Possible Spartan Council dissolution at this point and forcing immediate elections

### Rationale

Currently, token holders are relying on pDAO to backstop an attack vector by an adversary Security Council that votes last minute to avoid dilution. It would be beneficial, if token holders themselves have sufficient time to back stop such attack vector, hence the proposed changes in this SIP.